Baart to lead Spiritual Renewal Days

by Zoey Nelson/

Aaron Baart, Dean of Chapel at Dordt University, will be returning to PC for his second year to speak alongside Dordt University’s Chapel praise team, who will be leading worship morning and afternoon at 9:30 and 12:20. Baart regularly speaks on topics such as identity, teen sexuality, pornography, cultural engagement, and missional living, but for the next two days, he will be focusing on the questions that Jesus asks us as he forms his discipleship in the Gospels. PC’s annual Spiritual Renewal Days (SRDs) will be underway during February 19-20. 

Some students feel that past SRDs have given them an opportunity to grow in their faith. “I received a lot from the worship experience especially in the way I centered myself spiritually,” said senior Annaliese Admiraal. “I am really looking forward to Spiritual Renewal Days so I can continue to be filled with the spirit and learn more about how to deepen my walk with Christ.” 

SRDs have been a vital part of PC’s school year and an annual event for over 20 years. They are a great way to challenge students to get serious about their faith through an effective message and heartfelt worship. “This is a time the school has set aside for deeper learning and spiritual growth,” said Chapel Planning advisor Timothy Van Voorst. 


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