Coronavirus continues to spread rapidly

by Sierra Pleima/

With over 2,600 deaths by the end of February, the media is buzzing about a virus that has spread across the globe. The coronavirus is creeping its way around the world, already spanning across 37 different countries, with Italy being the latest to issue quarantine and cancel events. 

Pella Christian has eight international students from China, and two from South Korea, where the virus has invaded. These students have been keeping in touch with their families. “From my parents’ perspective it’s pretty concerning,” said senior Roger Gao whose family lives in Shanghai, China. “They have to wear masks absolutely everywhere they go.”

Because masks are required 24/7 in China, they are in short supply. Gao sent masks to his family because of this issue. He explained how some masks must be changed within 4 hours, and others once a day. According to Gao, sending masks, cleaning supplies, and sanitizers is extremely helpful during this time. All the primary schools in China are closed, students are taking online classes, and government controlled companies have been instructed to halt business.

Other companies have decided to resume business. “In my opinion, they are being too optimistic and going back to work too early,” said junior Alan Wang from Wuxi, China. His father recently went back to work. 

The outbreak of the coronavirus, otherwise known as Covoid-19, originated in a food market in Wuhan, China. Likely, a seller at the market was selling animals that were infected with the virus. 

A community of nearly 9,000 worked to build two hospitals within 15 days in Wuhan. Each of those hospitals can hold 1,500 patients and 2,000 staff. 

American passengers aboard a cruise ship that was forced to become a makeshift quarantine returned from Japan to the U.S. Several of those were infected individuals that brought the number of cases of coronavirus in the U.S. to 54. Centers for Disease and Control Prevention as well as health care facilities have been collaborating to make sure each facility has what is needed in case of a widespread outbreak. 

Death rates of the coronavirus have shown to be lower than that of influenza, which still rages in the United states. Nevertheless, a global health emergency has been declared by the World Health Organization.

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