Wojczynski named PC principal

by Austin Dart / ausdart20@pceagles.org

Vice principal Greg Wojczynski will be taking principal Dan Van Kooten’s position starting July 1 due to Van Kooten’s stepping down. Wojzynski is well prepared, having sixteen years of experience in education, nine of which are administrative.

As principal, Wojczynski is not currently looking to make drastic changes, although he is looking forward to working with the Center for the Advancement of Christian Education (CACE). Several CACE members have been coming to PC to mentor to Wojczynski and help move the school forward. Dordt Professor Tim Van Soelen, Chattanooga Christian School President Chad Dirkse, and previous Des Moines Christian and Holland Christian superintendent Glenn Vos spend several days each month at PC, meeting with administrators and guiding the implementation of a strategic plan. “It’s exciting that I get to work with three big names in the Christian education world,” said Wojczynski.

While becoming PC’s next principal is exciting, it comes with a few downsides. “I really enjoy teaching. I like being in the role that I am. That’ll be tough to give up. I won’t be teaching anymore,” Wojczynski said. Furthermore, a great sacrifice of time is required, due to meetings and school events.

Wojczynski did not originally want to become the principal, but his mind was later changed. “I love being the vice principal, and I love not having the responsibility of being principal, but when God opens doors for you, sometimes you just walk through them,” he said. “This is another opportunity to serve God in another role here at PC.”

The transition from vice principal to principal is not an easy one, but having been a principal before, Wojczynski knows what the job entails. There is some added difficulty for him, however. “It’s going to be a learning experience. I still have to learn all of Iowa’s state education laws. Iowa is way different than California, so there will be some adjusting. I also have to learn a lot about our sister schools and spend some time investing in them,” he said.

While this will be a big change for Wojczynski, some things will stay the same. “I will still be very involved with StuCo and student life,” he said.


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