Revived pep band boosts crowd energy

by Nia Hoekstra/

Pep band, led by director Autumn Bennett, raised the crowd spirit during their first performance at the basketball game against Newton on senior night, February 11. The student body seemed to enjoy the music. “It made the games more exciting and allowed us to get more momentum for the game. It also helped the students engage more with the band kids,” said senior Cameron Vander Wal.

Former director Shannon Dykstra decided to eliminate pep band last year due to a busy winter season. This year, Bennett decided to find the music and people to get it up and running again. “I felt that the students and community wanted the excitement of pep band,” said Bennett.

The original plan changed multiple times. The band was initially going to play at Homecoming, but the night was so packed with activities that the event was rescheduled. In addition, students only had two class periods to learn all the music. 

Finding music that could be pulled together in such a short time was a difficult task. “I try to include something for everybody when finding songs for pep band,” said Bennett.

Bennett hopes to continue this activity. “I feel the culture is in place, and that students and community alike are excited for the idea. Now that I have a good idea of how the schedules work, I will be able to fit pep band into the band’s year and improve how things are done,” she said.

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