An indoor turf facility provided to soccer girls’ team

Hannah Van Sant


An indoor turf facility called Pella Fieldhouse has been the new site for practices of the girls soccer team this fall. A part of their weekly practices include playing against surrounding teams  such as Pella, Knoxville, and Grinnell at the turf facility, located at 405 Truman Road, on the southwest corner of SE 9th St. and Truman Road.

The turf facility helps the girls soccer team in many ways such as soccer ball touches to train for quicker feet and more control, conditioning, positive mindset, and competition. “It is very important that when we start the season, we don’t have athletes that break down physically as we start loading their body with workouts/practices,” says Buchheit on conditioning. “By getting exercise 3-5 days per week, the girls join our program in much better athletic condition.”

The girls on the team appreciate the opportunity for winter practice. “The PRC Fieldhouse helps us transition into the sport more easily, and it also gives us the opportunity to scrimmage with different teams,” said junior Rebekah Horstman.

The planning for Pella Fieldhouse started 2010 and it opened in June 2014. It’s open to the public so anyone can use it such as teams, families, and businesses for activities. According to owner Mark Blankespoor, the fieldhouse is used for many purposes. “The Pella Fieldhouse provides indoor turf for a variety of activities such as soccer, softball, baseball, frisbee, football, Bubble Ball, kickball, volleyball, and birthday parties.”


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