What might have been . . .

by Zoey Nelson/zoenels20@pceagles.org

All over the world there are students mourning the loss of expectations for this spring–music, theater, academic, athletic and community events for which some of them have been looking forward to perhaps their whole lives.  We invited PC students to share their visions for “What might have been . . . ” and recognize their potential here.

What would you have been doing this April/May if Coronavirus hadn’t affected it?

“I would’ve been participating in Tulip Time and other events as a part of the Tulip Court. We would’ve performed for different groups, been in many interviews, met many new people, and more. I would be making new memories with four other girls that would’ve been very different from the memories I am making with them now. We would’ve been able to ride in carriages and convertibles and dance during Tulip Time. It would’ve been a dream come true.” – senior Jocelyn Gritters 

“I would be sitting on the edge of a curb with my friends before band was ready to march for Tulip Time, discussing the pros and cons of our instruments. Naturally, percussion and tuba would win.” – sophomore Nia Hoekstra 

“I would be playing soccer alongside my sister, Annika. This was the first and only time we were going to play together and we have both been looking forward to this for a long time. It’s hard to miss out on so many memories we could have made together on the field.” – freshman Joslyn Terpstra 

“Qualifying for the Drake Relays and State Track.  I had been working hard in the weight room all year for this spring.  I had goals to win State in both shot put and discus for Class 2A.” – senior Blake Veenstra

“I would be getting my personal best in trap, skeet, and sporting clays. I would have been doing this with my friends.” – freshman Holden De Vries

“I know one thing that I was really looking forward to this year was finally getting to go to JSB.  Ever since I was a freshman I have been looking forward to my junior year when I would get to go to Prom.” – junior Marijka Michmershuizen

“Coronavirus stopped all spring sports, of course, but I have been thinking about what could have been a great season of track. We would have had multiple relay teams going to the Drake Relays, and State would have been PACKED with PC runners. It’s quite sad that we couldn’t spend time with each other bonding at Drake. :(” – senior Bryant Agre

I would be waking up at 5:40 in the morning, get in the Honda after a quick breakfast and make the early morning drive to the PC weight room. I would then spend an hour getting stronger with the boys! We would then all enjoy a nice relaxing protein shake and shower. -senior Tate Osborn

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