Student share ways to keep busy while away from school

by Jason Kim/

What have you done to stay entertained during your time away from school?

“Everyone should watch Impractical Jokers on the Trutv channel-it is hilarious.” –sophomore William Spencer





“I have played Minecraft with my siblings. Painting. Working.”- senior Mira Ford





“I have gone on a lot of walks, watched quite a bit of Netflix, and self care.” –junior Bailey Roose





“Something kind of fun I like to do is have someone arrange the chairs in a strange pattern in our kitchen. I then walk into the kitchen blindfolded and shoot nerf gun darts around randomly. I try to listen and feel where the nerf gun darts hit objects. This is all in an attempt to create a superior form of echolocation humans can use. We like to play something called real life fruit ninja. We bust out the machete I bought in Haiti and gather up lots of various fruits from around the house. The designated “ninja” is then given the machete while the rest of the family tosses fruit at them. The ninja tries to chop the fruit in mid air. What do we do with the chopped up fruit? We all stomp on it afterwards with our bare feet (similar to old fashioned winemaking). We then sell the juice to Minute Maid. Believe it or not we are Minute Maid’s 2nd biggest domestic juice supplier.” –senior Tate Osborn

“I have been watching a lot of movies and also watching Netflix. I also have been painting and drawing of course. I’ve also been able to talk to some of my friends, but not all of them.” – junior Lindsey Jansen




“I have been doing puzzles, walking with my mom and my dog, cooking, cleaning the house, reorganizing my room and my closet, detailing the inside of my car and a car wash, and just being active–like soccer touches and workouts.” –senior Maddy Crile




“We play Golf–the card game–it is just a fun game to play with a family.” –freshmen Micah Smith





“My brothers and I have a jumbo bowling set so we decided to set it up and play a couple rounds in our basement. It’s all just light plastic so the game is very poorly made, but it kept us busy for a little bit.” –junior Piper King




“My family and I had a movie marathon by watching all of the Hobbit movies and all of the Lord of the Rings movies together.” –junior Morgan Meinders




“I recommend Naruto on Netflix – it’s a long show-9 seasons. It is anime, but I’m not an anime fan or anything.  It’s about this kid who grows up to be a ninja. He’s kinda a brat but he learns to be better. If you like Avatar: The Last Airbender, you will probably like Naruto.” –senior Austin Dart




“We just play volleyball, ’cause we love volleyball.” –freshmen Jema Settles





“My favorite family game is Quiplash. It’s fun until you get roasted by your family. At least I win most of the time.” –sophomore Marie Johnson




“I would recommend The Office. It is funny and it takes forever to watch all of it, so you always have a go to if there is nothing else.” –freshmen Trevan Parker




“I’m a Star Wars nerd, so I’d suggest binge-watching those movies. I personally find the characters lovable and the plot engaging.” –junior Audrey Oosterheert




“We’ve done a lot of puzzles and coloring, even board games and movie nights. It’s good to have time to spend with your family, because during the school year, it’s hard to get stuff done.” –sophomore Nia Hoekstra



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