Some supplies hard to find, TP not so much

by Abbie Altena/

The past month has brought so many challenges to the world with the pandemic and trying to keep everyone safe, but one thing that has been strangely challenging has been finding toilet paper. While no students have reported running out of toilet paper, almost everyone has seen the seemingly always empty shelves where there used to be what looked like an endless supply.

Most students believe that stocking up on toilet paper is pointless, since COVID symptoms don’t include a need for a surplus amount of toilet paper and Iowa has not issued a mandatory stay at home order. Other supplies students have noticed shortages in include bread, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, milk, baking ingredients, and rice. 

I was kind of alarmed at it at first. I figured that people would be rushing to find freezer meals and cleaning supplies, but nope. Toilet Paper. I find it strange that toilet paper of all things is what people are going for. I understand that it is a need, but it shouldn’t be the first thing you reach for.” -sophomore Nia Hoekstra




“It has been hard to find bread, bottled water, freezable items and canned goods. It has seemed to sort of level out because all of the crazy people stocking up already have no room for more, so it’s just the normal people buying regular stuff now.”  -junior Alicia Van Kooten




“I don’t think it is necessary for people to stock  up on toilet paper because right now, all of the people who went out and bought four jumbo packs of toilet paper are realizing that it is going to last them the rest of the year, and that they just wasted a lot of money.” -freshman Alayna Van Kooten




“It is crazy that the toilet paper is running out and not many food items.” -sophomore Austin Moorman





“My strategy for getting toilet paper is going at the oddest times.” -freshman Trevan Parker





“We just hope for the best when we go to the store, and usually there’s at least something, even if it is low quality.” -junior Alex Steen


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