If COVID-19 were gone, what is the first thing you would do?

Jason Kim/jaskim20@pceagles.org

While students were restricted, we asked them, “If the threat of CV-19 were totally gone, what is the first thing you would do?  Why?”

“Go to the Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market.  I work there on many Saturday mornings with my dad, and he pays well.  I also miss the variety of food and drinks I can enjoy there, as well as the entertainment.”-junior Kaylee Bandstra  




“Have coffee or lunch with a friend/friends just because I miss people and doing activities with them.” -sophomore Marie Johnson





“I would go to church, worship, and then talk to my friends there! Then I’d travel for about a month or more! Then go to lots of sports events.” -freshman Anna De Boef 




“I would go to every park in town possible, because I have been missing playing at the parks with my siblings. Then I would try to stop by my friends/school buddies houses and give them hugs and bless them, because I have missed seeing my buddies at school everyday.” -freshman Avery Verhoef




“I would probably go to my friends house as soon as I could because I really miss her. Then we would go to Walmart and wander the store but buy nothing. Then I think I would go to the movie theater.” -freshman Alayna Van Kooten




“Eating out at El Charros, having lunch with friends, being able to see people’s smiles again . . . chatting in the grocery store instead of dodging everyone . . . going to church!!” -English teacher Noreen Vander Wal




“Go to the Iowa State Fair, because my family camps there every year and it’s a tradition.” – freshman Anna Eveland





“I would have a birthday party with my friends.  On my birthday I usually have two parties one with my family and one with a couple friends.” -junior Marijka Michmershuizen,




“Sunday lunches at Grandmas!! I miss them so much! Their texts are cute but its just not the same.”-junior Alex Steen





“Going to restaurants and hopefully baseball/softball games. I don’t like to cook and I want to enjoy some activities and watch my kids play ball.” -study hall supervisor Amy Branderhorst




“I am most looking forward to flight lessons resuming. I haven’t flown a plane in nearly a month and a half and it’s killing me.” -senior Tate Osborn

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