Students generally approve of Gov. Reynolds’ handling of COVID-19

by Kaylee Bandstra/

Regarding Governor Kim Reynolds plan to reopen Iowa, 47% percent of students and staff at PC believe she is taking the right steps.  However, 17% believes Reynolds should have held off opening Iowa, and 26.5% believe Reynold’s should have opened Iowa sooner, according to a recent survey.

Students in favor of keeping Iowa closed believe that another breakout is bound to happen. “Where I work, we just started wearing masks on Monday the 11th, and I think that if we had to wear them at all, we should’ve started a long time ago,”  said freshman Karlie Anderson.  “Things are opening up too soon, and then it is going to break out again and we are all going to have to shut down again.”

Some students believe a lockdown is necessary to rid the threat of COVID-19. “If we completely shut everything down for three weeks and did not let people leave the house unless they are getting food, then it would be over way faster instead of still slowly spreading,” said freshman Trevan Parker.

The students who believe Reynolds should have opened Iowa sooner believe that this ongoing quarantine is pointless. “I do see the point of initiating the quarantine early on, when we did not know about the effects of COVID-19, but now after two months, I think stores should reopen and lift social distancing requirement for the Americans that aren’t at high risk of having a severe case of COVID-19,” said junior Zachary De Vries.

Some people want Iowa to reopen for personal reasons. “I agree with most of the restrictions, but I feel like it is incredibly unfair for people who want to obtain their intermediate driving licences, because courthouses are closed, and you can’t even schedule an appointment to quickly take a picture and be out the door,” said sophomore Marie Johnson. “I got my license in the mail and it took almost a month to obtain. Also, RIP to all the people who just wanted a haircut.”

A majority of the students and staff believe Reynolds is taking the necessary precautions in opening up Iowa. “I feel like she’s doing the best she can,” said freshman Anna De Beof.  “It takes a lot to try and do the right thing and still please lots of people at the same time. She also has others in authority over her, so she needs to follow their regulations as well.”












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