Amidst adversity, Wojczynski takes on role of principal


By: Laurey Johnson

Greg Wojczynski, former vice principal, has stepped up this year to become principal, taking on additional responsibilities that never existed until this year. Covid-19 has forced Wojoczynski and his coworkers to look at the school year in a different light. 

Many changes were made at Pella Christian High School this year. During the summer administration worked many more hours than usual, to make in-person school happen. “I took 4 days of vacation this summer. Other than that I was here, (at Pella Christan High)….” said Wojczynski. 

Part of the planning process was to follow the Marion County Health Department’s guidelines. Wojczynski said that was very hard to do. Especially since the guidelines for the coronavirus are constantly changing. 

Wojczynski expressed that planning for the future was very difficult too. He’s not exactly sure how events, (such as fundraisers and homecoming), will go. But he has full confidence that the student council will be able to make the event fun and social distanced. 

Social distancing is one guideline that has stayed the same. To make that happen in school, Wojczynski said, “We had to try to reduce every class to at least twenty or less students, and then try to find new spaces, like the library, to put bigger classes in.” He also said that many teachers have had to take extra classes this year to ensure that students were six feet apart. 

As principal, Wojczynski works very closely with teachers. When asked what makes being a principal worthwhile, he replied, “So, I think that the principal role exists to serve teachers…And try to figure out ways to help them be better teachers and to grow as educators.” He really enjoys working alongside them, and helping them teach kids better. 

He also has kids and a family of his own. His wife’s name is Elizabeth, and they’ve been married for eleven years. He also has three girls. Their names are Lucy, Clara, and Evelyn. It’s also very exciting for him, that they will all be in school this year. 

Also, Mr. Wojczynski is excited that we can be at school this year. He said, “But the reality is, we’re going to do school with covid-19 so, we aren’t going to freak out if we have a positive case…” He wants to be cheerful about this. Sticky notes with Bible verses help him remind of this important thing. One verse that encouraged him was 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18: “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus,” (NIV). 

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