Students have strong opinions on PC’s mask mandate

By Kaylee Bandstra/

A majority of Pella Christian students do not believe that the school’s mask requirement is necessary, a recent survey states.  Around 52% of students are against wearing a mask at all, 24% of students believe that masks should be encouraged, but not enforced, and another 24% believe that masks should be required.

Students against wearing masks claim that the coronavirus is a political hoax; haven’t heard of any proof that masks work;  and that mask wearing has been ineffective in mask-mandated countries. 

However, according to the Center of Disease Control (CDC), “Cloth face coverings are most likely to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus when they are widely used by people in public settings. And countries that required face masks, testing, isolation and social distancing early in the pandemic have successfully slowed the spread of the virus.”

Principal Greg Wojczynski gave a statement on why it is important for students to wear a mask. “The biggest reason to wear a mask is to prevent you from spreading germs to someone else,” Wojczynski states.

Senior Morgan Meinders has a similar opinion. “Masks aren’t for your own personal convenience; they protect others from YOU,” Meinders says. “As Christians we need to realize that sometimes we need to do what will benefit others, even if we don’t like it.” 

Meinder’s and Wojczynski’s quotes connect well to a Biblical worldview. Mark 12:31 states, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and Matthew 7:12, “do unto others what you would have them do to you.”


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