The Cross Country Team Stays Safe

By: Metje Michmershuizen/

The cross country team starts off their season great and with larger numbers than last year. With three coaches and twenty-two athletes, everyone has high hopes for the upcoming races. 

Practicing six times a week and running a total of about 30 miles per week helps them stay strong and have fun as a team. Completing their first two meets of the season has gotten them excited to see what is in store for the next nine weeks. 

Coach Mike Buchheit stated: “I feel really good about how I think this season’s going to be. I’m optimistic it’s going to go really well.”

Thankfully, it is easier to take covid precautions in cross country than most other sports.The team has been spreading out during practices to prevent a COVID-19 outbreak among them. 

Proudly, they are the only fall athletic team without a COVID-19 case.  The size of the team might add a little to that since it is smaller than most sports. 

Even though they have to stay six feet apart, they have been growing closer as a team by doing fun activities like going on two cabin outings and having the occasional game of soccer or ultimate frisbee for an easy practice. 

Senior Brayton Juffer, who is doing cross country for the sixth year, in a row says his favorite part about cross country is “having a team to do it with, sharing experiences and meeting new people.” 

Next year the coaches are hoping to grow the team even more, but for now they are thankful for the athletes they already have.  


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