Halloween’s history morphs into celebrations mostly about candy

by Colin Stravers


With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years approaching quickly, Halloween is the start of the holiday season. Halloween is a strange night that many choose to celebrate but many also refrain from. This holiday has a large history behind it.

Halloween originated with the Celtic festival, Samhain, a day meant for celebrating the harvest and enjoying the change in seasons. It was also believed to be a day where the lines between Earth and the other worlds faded. People wore masks and offered sacrifices to ward off or to please the spirits.

Nowadays Halloween has transformed into more of a joyful, kid-oriented holiday. Kids get to dress up as their favorite movie character and go receive candy for being brave enough to knock on someone’s door. “It has nothing to do with religion, it’s just dressing up to go and get candy,” said sophomore Kyle Fynaardt.

Halloween has a very unchristian background and carries a pagan air, but the holiday has become more about candy than spirits. “I don’t believe there’s anything Christians shouldn’t participate in besides maybe dabbling with evil spirits,” said music director Tim Van Voorst. At PC Halloween is not as prominent as Christmas or Thanksgiving, since it can often be a touchy subject.

All people, including Christians, are allowed their own views on controversial issues. Halloween is often borderline controversial due to its unchristian roots. For those that choose to refrain from this holiday, a more joyful event did occur near the same time.

Reformation Day celebrates Martin Luther and the reformation of the church. Luther’s choice to stand up to the Catholic Church is celebrated to this day and serves as an example of courage in the face of opposition. Almost every year around the 31st of October, PC holds a chapel that explains not Halloween but Reformation Day. Looking at this holiday’s background is beneficial since what Luther did, standing up for what he believed, can still be imitated today.

October 31 is a day full of history. Both holidays that are celebrated today reflect only a fraction of the actual past event. This day has gone from paganism and standing up for beliefs to a child friendly holiday to reflect on the choices of our predecessors.

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