Trump leads Biden in student survey

by Luke Nikkel/

Students voted almost unanimously in their support for a popular candidate running for president. Donald Trump came out on top with 87.7% of students supporting him, and Biden came in second scoring 3.5%. The remaining 8.8% were indifferent or supported neither. 

An anonymous survey had three options: Republican Donald Trump, Democrat Joe Biden, and “other,” where students could choose a third-party candidate or give reasons for supporting neither party. Students were also asked to give reasoning for their selection. 

“I think that [Trump] would be the best fit because he has already done many positive things for our country, including supporting Christians,” said one student explaining why they chose Trump. Another student was indifferent, saying, “My view is that no matter who is president, we need to respect him or her. Hopefully, our views line up, but whatever happens, they are our president and in a position of power.”

It is clear which candidate holds the most popularity with the students in the school, but most students aren’t of voting age yet. The outcome of the 2020 presidential election will ultimately depend on the adults of the US and who they believe will be the best fit to lead our country. 


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