Spanish Immersion Transitions to Pella Christian High School

by Kaden Van Wyngarden/

The Spanish Immersion class of 2024 moves to the high school level this school year at Pella Christian. Beginning in first grade, this class of nine students has taken their classes all in Spanish until now. 

Currently, they take world history, health, computer apps, and Spanish Immersion language arts completely in Spanish. The students are not required to take any Spanish classes because of their enrollment in the Spanish Immersion program.

“Spanish benefits us because it will help us with careers and we can converse with people who don’t know English,” Freshman Claire Braafhart said. 

Emerson De Vries said, “We have bigger brains and can hear better, also there are more job opportunities. Also our class is like a family.”

Most students, when asked how much they enjoyed the program, said they were neutral or fairly enjoyed it. Every single student said they hope to take Spanish Immersion classes until they graduate from Pella Christian.


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