Students Choose Favorites Throughout Quarantine and Beginning of School

Brooke Gustafson


We can all agree that this summer was rough. But the beginning of school has helped students to reconnect with their friends and get back to a semi-normal life. A recent survey was sent out for PC students to answer what their favorite activities were during quarantine and what they are looking forward to now with the 2020-2021 school year. 

Students were asked what social media site consumes most of their time. About 40 percent of students said that Snapchat was their go-to app. Coming in second, Instagram earned about 23.6 percent of the votes while Tik Tok held 18.2 percent of votes as well as students saying they use all of the above. 

Instead of being on social media, or now, doing homework, students were asked which video games they would play. While 8.2 percent said they play Fortnight and 6.6 percent play Animal Crossing, about 85.2 percent of students said that they would play different games than the ones listed. 

It seems like quarantine is all in the past, but some families are still forced into self-isolating for safety. With a blast to the past, PC students were asked what was their favorite snack during quarantine. Pizza was the winner with 55.6 percent of the people’s votes. I would guess that students bought more frozen pizzas from the store than ordering from Casey’s. Chips and dip were a quick snack with 20.6 percent of votes. Mac and cheese was about 17.5 percent, and fruits and vegetables were only 6.3 percent of the vote. Healthy choices were overlooked during such a stressful time. 

Now that students are back in school, one of the questions asked was which school lunch was the most popular. Walking taco won the vote with 41.3 percent. Cheeseburger chowder came in second with 33.3 percent. Dutch boy sandwiches were 22.2 percent. Hot dogs and corn dogs sadly came in last with only 3.2 percent. 

I think it is safe to say that all students are hoping for a smooth school year. So, let’s stay safe and help each other keep COVID out of PC!


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