Senior Sunrise Starts Year Off Well

Forty-five seniors start the year off right by entering the Pella Christian football field. About 6:30 one beautiful and chilly morning, the class of 2021 gathered on Pella Christian High school football field. Senior sunrise of the first day of school consisted of worshipping the Lord.

Nolan Wiersma, youth pastor at Faith CRC, lead a devotion, which was followed by a nice nutritious meal. Principal Greg Wojczynski says “I think this is a great thing to do to start off the year in community and set the tone that we are a Christian School that can start the year off in worship.” 

Gathering together opened eyes of many seniors. Senior Marijka Michmershuizen, says “It was like opening our eyes to just how different everything can look.” She also says that it was an amazing start to the year, and Marijka would definitely do it again because it was a great idea to go and worth waking up a little earlier.


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