New face from Honduras

By Katelyn Konfrst /

Junior class receives a new face: Abigail Maldonado from Honduras. 

Sixteen-year-old Abi Maldonado is enjoying her junior year in the United States so far, and has a lot to look forward to. Abi is loving Pella Christian and her main goal this year is to “have a great [grade] at the end of the semester”.

However, the journey to the United States was not an easy one. Getting a Visa for most international students is a difficult and lengthy process, and due to Covid-19, the process was even more difficult. But for Abi, the hardest thing about leaving her home was leaving behind her family. 

Abi is still getting used to being in the United States and adapting to all of the changes that come with moving across the country. However, Abi remains hopeful and is excited to see what the semester will bring. 

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