Fitzgerald leads choirs through challenges

By Greta Kelderman/ 

With a new director, the PCHS choir is facing some unique challenges this year. Mr. Aaron Fitzgerald, the new director, had to plan for changes for cantabile, concert choir, chamber choir, and chapel planning classes. The students are required to social distance, causing the individuals to be firm in their personal voice parts.

“Choir has gone about as seamlessly as it possibly can considering the circumstances,” says Fitzgerald. 

Fitzgerald has kept the choir on task through the ups, downs, and the constantly changing lesson plans.

“It is hard to establish procedure when we are planning our rehearsal space week by week. We are not able to be in the music room because we struggle to properly distance, so we have had to use the auditorium, the gym, and the outdoors,” says Fitzgerald. 

The class is required to practice in the gym, where the acoustics cause it to be difficult to hear the other parts that are being sung. To combat the acoustic challenge, the choir splits up into sectionals in the gym, auditorium, and the music room. 

Fitzgerald’s goal for this school year is “that we would all grow as musicians, students, and human beings, and fellow children of God.”






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