Flipped learning: Algebra II students experience fresh teaching style

by Leah Z Osborn/leaosbo23@pceagles.org

Algebra teacher, Abbie Smith, instilled a new method of teaching. This new teaching style is known as flipped teaching. “Flipped classes are typically where you practice in class and receive the content at home,” Smith said.

Smith introduced this new teaching style to her Algebra II class. To begin, she instructed the class in a hybrid-like manner where classes are half flipped teaching and half usual teaching. She also added some new ways to introduce lessons.

One of her students, sophomore Peyton Ritzert said, “I never had teachers do warm-up questions before we start a class. That’s helpful just to get your brain engaged in the subject and to really understand the content better.”

A benefit of this teaching method is “when you are struggling to do book work assignments you are not alone… and you can do different activities instead of listening to a lecture for 40 minutes,” Smith said.

Another one of her students in Algebra II, sophomore Laurey Johnson, told of her experience with the new switches to the classroom. “The changes that have been made with flipped teaching are that we learn in class and it’s a little bit easier to get help on the problems, but sometimes we also have to do a little extra homework if we don’t finish all the problems we were assigned in class,” Johnson said.

Smith first experienced flipped teaching during a class she participated in during high school. After that, she was intrigued by this method and did her own research to dig more into the style of teaching. Now, as she continues to teach at Pella Christian High School, she proceeds to practice flipped teaching for the benefit of her students.


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