Plans Change: new students move to Pella Christian

By: Laurey Johnson/

New students arrived at Pella Christian in the fall with different motives. They were asked to share their experience and how they came to be in this school.
All of the new students moved here for different reasons. Gideon Foremen, a sophomore, said, “I came to PC because my parents didn’t have the time to home school me and wanted a good school to put me in…”
The transition to this school was different for each student. Sophomore Nathan Greco said, “My previous school was very small, so moving here was a very big change. For the most part the transition has been pretty smooth. I don’t feel too out of place here.”
Carson Abrams, a sophomore, also mentioned that Pella Christian was unlike his previous school. “It is very different because I came from a boarding school,” he said.
Many students shared that they really enjoyed school. Senior Sasya Yang said, “I just like the experience of being in class and learning with a teacher to explain, instead of having to listen to videos and read textbooks all by myself. Oh and friends.”
“My favorite part about PC is the social aspect. I love talking with people I don’t know very well and seeing friends in the halls,” said Gabe Huisken, a senior.
Although many students said they enjoyed school, some said that there were some things that they didn’t like about it. Yang said, “I don’t like that my free time is shortened. I had a lot of free time during home school, and there was no need for a ride to and from school taking up even more time.”
These students are also involved in a lot of activities. As of now, those activities include football, theater, band, and choir. They also hope to do basketball in the winter, and soccer and track in the spring.
Overall, the students have viewed Pella Christian and its activities highly. Huisken said, “I think it is a really special place that I wish I experienced before this year. I can tell Christ is active in this community, and the people that call our school home.”

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