College football returns to the fields

by Luke Nikkel/

The college football season has started, but the coronavirus pandemic has brought some unwanted changes. One such change is the Iowa vs. Iowa State game being canceled this year. 

In a recent survey, the Iowa Hawkeyes led with 51.5% of students supporting them. The Iowa State Cyclones came second with 29.4%. The remainder of students supported other college teams or were indifferent.

Sophomore Corbin Westerkamp explained his opinion, “I support the Hawkeyes because they have always been the better team. I would rather root for a winning team than a losing team, and my family are Hawkeye fans as well.”

Students also had their opinions on the changes within the NCAA program.

“I think it’s a good idea that college football teams are playing this year even with the stricter guidelines. I think that the playoff will be more interesting because of them,” sophomore Jack Fancher stated. 

Although the precautions have some benefits, there are negatives as well.

Sophomore Lincoln Vander Molen shared, “The delay was unnecessary due to the small risk of people around the age of 20 getting the virus… The delay also affects the amount of chances a player gets to prove themselves to scouts and their college.”


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