Students share fall favorites

by Katelyn Konfrst / 

With fall in full swing, students at PC are looking forward to all that it has to offer, as well as reflecting on past falls. 

Food is a major favorite among PC students. The top favorites in the student body for fall are Thanksgiving, with 28% of votes, and eating good food with 20% of votes. 

Fall trends are also beginning to pop up as the temperature drops. The number one trend voted by students were sweaters with 40% of votes. Oversized clothing (17% ) and flannel (15%) trailed behind taking the second and third place spots. 

Memories of past falls are still lingering in the minds of PC students. 

“My favorite fall memories are going to all the Halloween parties and having a blast, dancing around and eating some amazing food,” said senior Anna Bonnett. 

“One of my favorite memories of fall comes from elementary school when we went on a field trip to a pumpkin patch. There were several games and things to do there, including a hay maze,” said sophomore Avery Verhoef.

Fall has a lot to offer, and many PC students are excited for what’s to come.  

“Well first of all, [I’m looking forward to] not sweating when I go from the freezing school to the 90 degree outside,” said senior Kelly VanWyk.

“Enjoying one last fall with the boys before we seperate next year at college,” said senior Zach Devries.

A lot is in store for students this fall, and PC is ready to take on anything and make it a fall to remember. 


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