Harrill joins special education department

Karen Harrill, new special education teacher, was hired at Pella Christian High School on August 19th, 2020. While getting hired last minute she said, “I really felt God leading me back into teaching.”

Harrill also said that she wanted a job so that her and her kids’ schedule was more in line. In addition, she liked the idea of having a smaller classroom and building relationships with her students and helping them succeed. 

Harrill says she loves the fact that she is able to have fun and still teach her students how to thrive in the future. “The most enjoyable thing is helping my students fight through and succeed and being their cheerleader through the rough times.” 

“The most challenging thing is figuring things out after getting hired last minute and finding the happy medium of helping enough and not too much through lessons and activities,” says Mrs. Harrill.

Senior Mikayla Griego said, “She is the best teacher that I have ever had, and what is even better is that she loves her students and her job.

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