Performance Coach adds baseball to his responsibilities

by: Micah De Haan/

The performance program at Pella Christian may have only been around for a few years, but over a hundred students have already taken advantage of it. Students are now able to participate in an organized weight lifting program year round.

The athletic teams that are in season also use the program to build up their quickness and strength. “During the volleyball season, I attend lifting with the team 2 days a week…, but during the off season I go to lifting every day that it is available so 4 days a week,” says junior Sarah Gritters.

Coach Braden Shull has led the program for the past two years. Shull was drafted into the MLB by the Philadelphia Phillies after attending Mt. Pleasant High School, and after a few years of professional baseball, enrolled at Quincy University. After college, he remained involved in weightlifting programs, and eventually, he was drawn to Pella Christian.

“I heard about the job from a friend and I knew it would be a great opportunity closer to home at a school that really strives for excellence and puts a Christian life first,” says Shull.

In the weightroom, Shull always has a few main points that he emphasizes for all athletes. He puts the biggest emphasis on giving a “perfect effort” every single day. “If we do that we will have earned the result of whatever we are trying to accomplish,” says Shull.

Athletes appreciate the way that Shull helps them improve and hone their skills. “I like how focused he keeps us, he knows what hard work really means and he does a very good job of keeping us on task,” says junior Caleb Belzer.

On top of his role as the performance coach, Shull will be taking over as the head coach of the PC baseball team. “My background with playing, coaching, and scouting baseball and most importantly how much I have enjoyed and grown from coaching at PC led me to want to become the head coach,” says Shull.


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