COVID-19 Survivors Speak Out

by Metje Michmershuizen/

By now everyone knows at least one person who has had the virus, and it’s pretty scary. The news shows all these COVID-19 horror stories, but here are some not so horrible stories about the students at PCHS who have had it. 

Sydney Van Arendonk, a sophomore, and her family were recently quarantined and tested positive for COVID-19. She stated that the worst part for her was the nausea and fatigue. She also said she experienced back pain, headache and a fever, but those didn’t last long. 

Alicia Balesteri, an international student from Brazil who is staying with Sydney’s family while she attends PCHS also had COVID-19. Their whole family had to quarantine until they stopped showing symptoms and tested negative. 

While quarantined, students are required to continue with their schoolwork online. It is a lot more planned out than last year, when teachers and staff were scrambling to figure out the best way to have students online. Students who are doing online log in to google meets to be in class.

Currently at PCHS we have 5 students quarantining and 1 staff member. The school is making sure that anyone who is showing symptoms is not at school. They are working very hard to reduce the cases we have here and making sure everyone is following the protocols. 


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