Disc golf arrives at Pella Christian

by Laurey Johnson/laujohn23@pceagles.org

A new disc golf course was recently set up at Pella Christian High School.

For a long time, administrators had been discussing whether or not the school should acquire a course. Finally, in the fall of last year, former principal Dan Van Kooten was able to receive a grant to build the disc golf course.

The grant came from the Pella Community Foundation. Van Kooten said that the foundation helps different organizations to bring the community together.

A few members of Pella’s community and Pella Christian alumni helped set up the course, including Jeremy Wetter, Mark Van Maanen, Joel Van Maanen, Josh Shetterly, Chris Meyers, and Sid Bloomers.

Van Kooten mentioned that each of those men wanted to help out or that they just enjoyed playing disc golf. Van Kooten himself said that he had a good experience with that activity.

“I have played with both of my sons on the Central course over the years and have taken several beginners to use the Jefferson School course. I really enjoy disc golf because you are outdoors, you can enjoy being with friends, and you can take it as seriously as you wish – you can get better if you want to work at it, or you can just enjoy the game at whatever skill level you already have.”

Van Kooten thoroughly enjoyed the process of finding supplies and setting up the course. Thanks to his efforts, students can now enjoy and play disc golf.

The P.E. class recently had the opportunity to test it out. One of the students, Ben De Boef, commented that he enjoyed playing.

“It’s fun, but there’s a lot of long distance throwing,” he said. Like De Boef, all of the students can now benefit from Pella Christian’s new disc golf course.

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