Energy drinks power students of PC

by Luke Nikkel/ by JeepersMedia is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Which energy drink is the most popular within the walls of PC? A survey was sent out to discover which kind of caffeinated drink is the best. Senior Ethan Boender says “Monster has high quality and no crash when it wears off.” 

A few more popular results were Bang with 20.9%, coffee with 16.3%, and the general choice of pop with 12.8%. Less popular drinks with low percentages were tea, Reign, and Rockstar. Sophomore Kaden Van Wyngarden gave his opinion on his favorite energy drink, “Bang really gives you a burst of energy that can help you start the day or stay up all night!”

Although the drinks are very popular, the science behind energy drinks is not acknowledged often. The energy is basically sugar and caffeine. Caffeine is the most important ingredient. It blocks a chemical that is involved in sleep called adenosine. The blocking of adenosine causes neurons to fire within the brain and release adrenaline, making our hearts beat faster, increasing blood sugar, and increasing dopamine levels. These results of drinking an energy drink are not necessarily bad, but too much can be.

Drinking energy drinks consistently can lead to a caffeine addiction. Insomnia and anxiety are some side effects. In conclusion, energy drinks can be a good thing, but too much of them can be a problem.


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