Students share favorite books

by Marijka Michmershuizen/

Many students at Pella Christian High School are actively reading books.  In a recent survey, students shared their reading habits. Forty-nine kids responded to a recent poll.

Fiction was by far the most popular choice that students read in their free time. The favorite genre was fantasy fiction with 18%, followed by historical fiction, romance, and general fiction, which each had 5% – 7%. Only 6% preferred to read non-fiction. 

Many different favorite books were chosen.  Books mentioned several times were the Harry Potter series, The Hunger Games series, and Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series.  

Favorite characters included Ginny Weasley, Hagrid, and Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter, Katniss and Peeta from The Hunger Games, and Percy Jackson, along with a plethora of others.  

One student said, “Jesus from the Bible is a great character that actually existed! Non-fiction for the win!”

Most students prefer to read only printed books, but many read books in all formats.  There was a minority that preferred audiobooks only.  

Makenna Six said, “I like to listen to books through my library on the program Overdrive.”

The favorite time of reading by students who answered the poll was at night with 53%.  15% read in the afternoon, and only 2% found time to read in the morning. Surprisingly, 29% found some other unspecified time to read.  

Abigail Maldonado said, “I read a book just when I have time to enjoy the reading and without noise and people around me.”

A few people who responded to the survey indicated that they did not like reading, but the overwhelming majority enjoyed reading.


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