Emri Agre pursues love for horses

by Anna Eveland/annevel23@pceagles.org

Sophomore Emri Agre rode and competed in horse competitions for fun and sport, and is still riding today.

Agre started her horse fascination when young. She says, “Some of my earliest memories are being on a horse or being in a horse barn.” At just one year old, she was already on the saddle.

At age two, she started to compete in the American Saddlebred horse show. “I competed for five to six years,” said Agre, “but then sports took over and I stopped competing.”

She loves learning about the variety of horses, but her favorite part is the thrill of springing over the fences, which are poles attached to metal stands.

Her mother is her number one supporter, and Agre shares that she learned to love horses from her. Living in the country, just three miles away from the horse barn, was a big attribute to her hobby. The horses they have now are the Missouri Fox Trotters on a ranch in Indianola, Iowa.

Although she has quit the life of competition, she still ensures time in the pasture. Agre rides trail horses two times a week during the fall and spring, keeping a good relationship between her and her horses.

Now, she shares her love with this animal by volunteering at Grace Therapeutic Horse Riding, a loving program that has assisted activities for individuals with special needs. She wants to continue being involved with horses.

Agre says, “I don’t know if I would ever show when I’m older, but for sure I will keep riding them. It’s a really great experience.”

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