Bowling team greets new members

by Paul Attema

The number of bowlers has skyrocketed since last season. A new crowd of freshmen and international students has contributed to this surge. “The team has really grown over the past few seasons. I think it has at least doubled,” said senior Kyle Sneller.

The first meet was held at Excit-A-Bowl on December 10 with PC hosting Bondurant Farrar. The boys varsity team ended up beating their opponents by a single pin. The girls varsity team won by eight.

While the bowling team has shown potential, there are still challenges to improvement. New bowlers need to refine their natural bowling style and learn how to increase their power. Every bowler needs to work on the second half of the frame. “I think the team really needs to work on picking up spares and making their second shot count,” said Sneller.

Although hard work is sometimes required to improve, the bowlers know how to enjoy themselves. While the sport itself is entertaining, victory is the final objective. “The most fulfilling part of bowling is watching the pins fall down like my enemies in battle,” said freshmen Sienna Attema.

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