Officer Wolff accepts promotion; leaves position at PC

by Marijka Michmerschuizen/

Officer Nathan Wolff will be leaving the Pella Christian and Pella Community school districts at the end of the semester due to a promotion. He said, “I will miss everyone at the schools, but I am excited to take a position as a sergeant on the Pella Police Department.”

Wolff is a familiar face to many students in Pella.  For the last two and a half years, he has worked as the School Resource Officer while making connections with students in Pella. “I absolutely loved working with the kids!  It’s been really fun getting to know the students.  They are pretty cool!” said Wolff.

His goal was to help students make good decisions and become comfortable around a police officer.  100% of the 40 people who answered our poll agreed that they were more comfortable after getting to know Officer Wolff.  “I just really like seeing him around the school joking around with students. Instead of being imposing, he just seems like a friend to everyone,” said Micah De Haan.

Wolff was very involved at Pella Christian. Our survey results showed that 30% got to know him through football, 33% got to know him when he spoke in their classes, 18% through personal interaction, and others talked about seeing him around the school. 

According to Principal Greg Wojczynski, ”I just loved that he was always a part of the school. It felt like he was engaged here when he was on campus. He was involved in staff vs. students games, D-groups, coaching, and was always talking with our students.”

He was also the offensive line coach for Pella Christian football last year.  Football player Beau Bush shared, ”During football, I would do offensive scout team and inside drill with him and sometimes he would even jump in to play as a position for the team. I always appreciated his patience and his controlled temper, like when [a student] threw a football and hit him in the head AND broke his sunglasses. Things like that are what I will miss the most.

Wolff made a big impact here and we wish him the best. “We will miss Officer Wolff at Pella Christian. While I am sad for our school, I am happy for him as he takes the next step in his career. Our students really love him. He has a big personality and an infectious smile,” said PC Athletics Director Dan Branderhorst.  

Band Instructor Autumn Bennett added, “Thank you Officer Wolff for being a positive presence in the hallways at PC. You are so incredibly friendly and welcoming and you definitely represent the Pella Police Department and the badge very well.”


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