Bowling team strives for success

by Anna Eveland/

The bowling team is striking the competition this season at the 200 Bowl and Grill in Pella. With their first practice on November 11, the bowling team is off to a good start. Because of COVID-19, they will have the same restrictions as basketball, limiting spectators to two people per teammate.

“I really do enjoy coaching the bowling team. The kids are great. They support each other and I really believe that they enjoy working together,” says Coach Blunck.

Although most team members this year are first time bowlers, they are willing to learn and take suggestions form the coaches and others.

Austin Morman is returning for his second year on the bowling team and says, “I really like the challenge of this sport and how the game of bowling is played. I also like spending time with the other bowlers!”

Both boys and girls began the year with a defeat against Oskaloosa and faced Norwalk on December, 19.  They will being the new year with a meet every Saturday in January.

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