Young boy’s basketball team shoots for growth

by Leah Z Osborn/

Beginning this basketball season, the boys are back on the courts, along with their new coach, Mr. JD Boer. Despite COVID-19, team is excited to play the season.

There are high hopes for the team this season, with goals the team and coaches are aiming to accomplish. Some of the targets are personal such as, “shooting consistency and defense are things I need to improve the most,” said sophomore player, Beau Bush.

Coach Boer expressed that he also hoped the team would achieve new things. “I hope that we can really embrace the opportunities we have this season and learn to love each other well. I think basketball creates opportunities for growth physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I’m looking forward to seeing these guys grow up and be a part of their journey as Christian young men. On the basketball floor, I hope that we can just embrace the process of challenging ourselves to be better every day,” said Boer. 

Athletic Director, Dan Branderhorst commented as well that, “I hope that our guys grow in their faith walk, in their relationships with others and in their abilities on the basketball court.”

The boy’s team consists of only two seniors, so there are dreams for a large growth in the underclassman’s abilities. This year’s lineup is continuing to push hard during the season. “I think this year we have lots of athleticism which makes the games more fun with lots of dunks,” junior Lucas Hol stated.

Though they started the season off rough, 1-3 and play Grinnell and EBF before Christmas break, they are still shooting high to continue the season strong.

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