Students reflect on 1st semester homework

by Micah De Haan/

As the semester comes to an end, students end the final stretch of their homework workload for this year. In a recent survey, students were asked to reflect on the differences between homework loads for different classes.

One question that students were asked was the approximate amount of time they spent on homework per night. Nearly ¾ of students spend less than two hours a night working on their homework. Sophomore Micah Smith says, “I mean it is a little much but it teaches us good work ethic and responsibility so really I am fine with it.”


Students were also questioned about which class required the most time for completing homework. Over a third of students have found they spend the most time doing math homework, with both literature and science classes trailing behind. However, a large majority of students take these types of classes, so less popular courses such as consumer sciences may not have received as many votes.

Homework heavy classes don’t necessarily mean that the class is stressful. Once again math was deemed the most stressful by about a third of students, but literature received nearly the same amount of votes. This is mainly due to PC’s Speech class as well as the essays that are required for other literature classes. Senior Katelyn Konfrst says, “Speech is definitely the most stressful because you basically have to write a full speech in one night and be prepared to give the speech the next day.”

For some, the next semester will bring easier classes with less homework, but for others, things have just begun heating up.

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