PC students share favorite Christmas/December activities

By Anna Bonnett/annbonne21@pceagles.org

As Christmas is fast approaching, we asked PCHS students about their favorite Christmas/December activities. Sledding was the favorite activity of 26.3% of the PC student body, 19. 3% preferred ice skating, and 14% said that decorating cookies was their favorite.

Putting up a Christmas tree is one tradition people have with their families. But when is the appropriate time to put one up? The survey said that 54.7% put up their tree up the after Thanksgiving, 14.1% right before Thanksgiving, and 12.5% in December and while 9.4% are early birds putting up their tree in October. 

Christmas is about being with your family. Spending times with people you love and having an amazing time.

On the night before Christmas my siblings and I each open one present. It’s always the same thing every year. A new pair of pajamas. It’s always a lot fun to see just how fuzzy sleepwear can become,” says Senior Alicia Van Kooten. 

What’s Christmas without the amazing Christmas movies? The most popular movies among students are the Elf movie which has been the most popular among the PC students with 31.7%. Coming with second place would be Home Alone with 23.3%. Third place with 15% for National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

We can’t forget about the christmas songs. Our survey has shown that people are loving the song, “It’s the most Wonderful time of the Year” with 22.6% being their favorite song. 18.9%  voted for “O Holy Night,” and 15.1% liked “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.”

Students also shared things that are on the top of their Christmas list.  “I want a frozen yogurt machine!!!!!!” says sophomore Anna Eveland. Abby Dart a freshman says, “I know its cliche, but for everyone to just be happy and kind.” 

Christmas isn’t just about movies, songs and getting gifts. It’s about being thankful for what all God has given to us and to give to others who are in need.


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