Are you seeing double? Quadruple?

by Katelyn Konfrst/

No your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Some of the freshmen came in twos and even fours this year at Pella Christian High School. Among them are twins Lauren and Claire Winn-Fogle, Carly and Clayton Huyser, and the quadruplets Savannah, Shaun, Mallory, and Tristan Oosterheert. 

According to Clayton Huyser, being a twin is “not really different than being a single child, it’s just one more person in your family with the same age.” The same feeling resonates with the Winn-Fogel twins and the Oosterheert quadruplets. 

However, sharing a birthday with one or more other siblings is not all smiles and sunshine. Sharing everything, such as cars, friends, and even bathrooms can be daily challenges for twins and quads. 

“Definitely in the morning when we’re both trying to get ready it’s a struggle because we both get up around the same time and get ready around the same time,” said Carly Huyser. 

For Shaun Oosterheert, one of the quads, the benefits definitely outweigh the disadvantages for being a quadruplet. 

“We can help each other with homework! It’s super helpful in high school. We’ve always looked out for each other, and not just with schoolwork,” said Shaun Oosterheert. 

However, in the end, all the twins and quads can agree that they wouldn’t want to have it any other way. 

“[Lauren’s] always there and we know everything about each other,” said Claire of the Winn Fogel twins.


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