Away games add to busy schedule for cheerleaders

by Hannah Van Sant

PC’s varsity cheerleading team had a great season this fall. The team consists of 18 girls, two of whom are seniors. They practiced once a week and whenever there was a game day. The cheerleaders did a lot of stunt work, taught cheers to the new girls, and traveled to away games for football.

“This year we traveled to most of the away games, so that was a new aspect for us,” said head coach Amy Bandstra. “I’ve heard a lot of positive things about that–especially from parents who notice that it’s quiet when we aren’t there.”

The strengths of the cheerleaders have been that they stay positive whenever things go wrong and have new recruits this year. “The best part is seeing younger girls fall in love with cheer,” said senior Jalayna Morgan. “I love watching them become passionate about something I love.”

The team was challenged in finding times for the team to practice and learning new stunts. Several cheerleaders were involved in other extracurricular activities at the time such as the musical or fall sports.

The varsity team is not going to competition this year due to lack of experience, but they plan to have a stunt routine for homecoming. “We have not started on our stunt routine yet. We will probably start to get ideas of what we want during the beginning of January,” said Morgan.



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