Internships help students focus on the future

By Amelia Boender/

Juniors and seniors at Pella Christian go out to explore different career opportunities through internships for the week of Winterim.  

Students go to a variety of different places and have different daily schedules. 

Senior Rebecca Van Manen says, “I job shadowed Jeanetta Nieuwsma (school counselor) while she taught classes in the grade school, had one on one meetings, or sat in therapy sessions with the consent from all participants involved.”

Students in internships enjoy some aspects of the job more than others. 

Junior Andrew Veenstra, interning at Van Wall Equipment says, “I enjoy being in an environment where I can focus on what I want to do in the future, and learn new things that will help me in my career.” 

Some times the favorite part is the people as much as what they learned.

“If you have ever been there you know they are a funny group of guys. They make me laugh by there funny jokes and sayings,” says Junior Nathan Groenendyk who interned at Tony’s Auto Parts. He also shared a busy schedule of delivering parts and helping customers.

Internships also help students find out if a career is a good fit for them or not.

Guidance Counselor Brad Engbers says, “Success of an internship doesn’t mean they always enjoy the internship; sometimes they discover things they don’t like to do.”

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