Students explore Winterim classes

by Mallory Oosterheert/

Winterim is an opportunity for students to explore unique experiences.

Many students in the freshman class have been participating in a wide variety of classes.

Freshmen Alexis Vos does swing dance on the stage in the auditorium. She chose Swing Dance because, “I thought it would be fun. I have always loved dancing, so I figured I would try it.” 

Freshmen Seth Vos does robotics at PCHS in Mr. Herdogen’s Room. He made this selection because “I like to build things and explore the uses of technology.”

Some freshman students have joined the MythBuster class to explore the world around them and try new amazing experiments

Freshmen Macy Main, Brock Minders, and Hattie Fancher take MythBusters at PCHS in Mr. Beekhuizen’s room. Main chose to do MythBusters because “it’s just a fun class and you get to do experiments and since 2020 we didn’t get to. “ 

Meinders declared he is in the class because, “I am a big science nerd!” 

“I decided that it would be fun, you know, to do experiments and to just have fun,” says Fancher.

Freshmen students have enjoyed their first year of Winterim. 

Vos says, “I really like Winterim so far, and I can’t wait for future ones.” 


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