Another opening, another stage, as large group theater’s competition grows near 

by Savannah Oosterheert/  

The high school forensics students have been practicing for the large group theater competition with diligence. Large group theater competition includes one-act plays, as well as readers’ theaters, choral reading, musical theater, and short films. This allows students to find an event that they feel comfortable performing. 

“Theatre is for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you can’t sing or dance. There are so many different things you can participate in like the musical, readers theatre and more. There is also A LOT of time to practice. So even if you are confident of what you’re doing, you can learn, and have lots of well-experienced people helping you along the way!” says Freshman Rachel Lanferman.

Many students who have tried large group theater have enjoyed getting closer with other classmates whom they might not have gotten to interact with during school. 

Sophomore Caden Albright states, “My experience so far has been pretty great, I have been able to meet new people and explore new places in the school. It’s also been fun to join a family of people who care about you.” 

Thankfully COVID-19 hasn’t stopped the students from competing. The students aren’t allowed to travel, so the competition will also be held at PCHS, and they can only have one judge. The judge is restricted to seeing one group of students, so they can’t compare their performance to other groups. 

According to Junior Seth Van Gelder, “COVID-19 has been looming over this whole thing, but the practices and family experiences outweigh the worry of the pandemic.”  

Students find confidence through their peers who have helped them along the way. Senior Morgan Meinders, Sophomore Alaina Van Kooten, and Sophomore Leah Osborn have all been great influencers for students who are hesitant to join.

“A person that has influenced and guided me through large group theatre is Morgan Meinders. Morgan is a senior and has a lot of experience in PC theatre. She welcomed me into the group and made me feel very comfortable. She has also been a great influence and has helped me with my acting and has given me tips,” says Lanferman. 

Overall theater is a great opportunity, where students can build confidence and discover new talents.

“Large Group Speech allows students to grow in their craft of theatre and acting. More one-on-one directions can be given in this setting. Students always work so hard in the different events. It is great to watch them grow,” said Theater Director Mr. Van Peursem. 


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