New year, new goals: students share their resolutions

by Leah Z Osborn/

The year 2020 has now passed and some people have been pursuing New Year’s resolutions. 

Out of the people surveyed, the majority, leaned toward not making a resolution. Some of the goals included eating bananas everyday, growing spiritually, and reading more books. Overall, those who did set achievements feel that they are doing well. 

“I think that in the world we live in there are a lot of people going through so much and it is important to be uplifting to those who are struggling. It just makes your days better knowing that you’re being kind and could possibly be making somebody’s day better,” sophomore Jarah Morgan comments.

Making the most of time, bettering one’s self, and starting with little things to improve, are all reasons that began the adventure towards various goals. So far, many students have been sticking to their plans to accomplish their aims. By taking small steps, one can grow and triumph in larger aspirations. 

“If you want to succeed with your ‘getting fit’ New Year’s resolutions, don’t be way too aggressive right at the start. Just find a physical activity you actually enjoy and master it. Don’t do anything else until you get somewhat serious,” junior Ben Fredrickson encourages.

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