PCHS welcomes Officer Pearson

by Marijka Michmershuizen/marmich21@pceagles.org

A new face walks the hallways at Pella Christian High School. PCHS welcomes Officer J.R. Pearson as the new Student Resource Officer.  Pearson was selected for this position because has a lot of experience in law enforcement and a good work ethic. 

He said, “I started with the Iowa State Patrol for 34 years. I recently retired, and I’ve been with the Pella Police Department for 1 ½ years. When Officer Wolff was promoted, there was an opening for a Student Resource Officer.” 

He wants the students to get to know him.  Pearson pointed out that in the United States, there’s not a great relationship with the police right now, and he hopes to improve communication. 

He stated, “Basically, I want that communication, both from me to students, and students to me.  I want them to trust me and be able to talk about anything. I’m big into sports, so we could talk about sports, even the weather, or anything that happened on the weekend. I welcome them to talk to me.”

Pearson works at all the schools, but is primarily at Pella Christian High School, Pella High School, and Pella Middle School. He goes to the other schools on an as needed basis or for special events.  He said that he will typically be at PCHS on Tuesdays, “unless it’s a special event like homecoming or intramurals.  I want to participate in and see these events.”

On a personal note, Pearson has lived in Pella for seven years.  His wife, Marcia, was born and raised here and has worked at Vermeer for 21 years. They have been married for 6 ½ years. She has 3 children, and they have 6 grandchildren, ages 5 – 19, with two more on the way.  

Pearson’s hobbies are hunting, fishing, and golf.  He and his wife like shopping, going to garage sales, and spending time with the grandchildren.  They are also at the sprint car races every Saturday night. 

Something unique that he wanted to share was, “My wife, Marcia, is an alumni from here at Pella Christian. She went here from grade school on, and all of her children and her siblings attended here. It’s a pretty special school for my wife.”  

Hopefully, PCHS will be a special experience for Officer Pearson as well!


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