Junior Brant Vander Hart launches podcast

By: Micah De Haan/micdeha22@pceagles.org

In the past few years, podcasts have been on a huge upswing and have grown at astounding rates. Their easy accessibility is one of the biggest attractions, but the fact that they don’t require one’s full attention is also a huge advantage.

Not only have they become extremely popular to listen to, but thousands of people have decided to make their own podcasts. This has not gone unnoticed at Pella Christian, as one student has decided to make his opinions known by creating his own production.

Junior Brant Vander Hart began his podcast called Trashcast on Spotify near the end of 2020 and has continued to produce content for his listeners. When asked as to why he started it, Vander Hart said, “I can be very talkative at times and like to argue. I also have too much self importance and think other people need to listen.”

To accomplish this Vander Hart is willing to let just about anyone on an episode, saying that anyone who asks can be on, but that they must ask before they’re allowed to participate. He has had a wide range of friends on his episodes, and continues to allow more and more as time goes on.

Junior Seth Van Gelder has been a participant in multiple episodes, and deems it as an experience that is hard to replicate. “There is a part of you that is nervous, but I personally say it’s fun,” said Van Gelder, “I will always say that doing it with friends makes things so much better.” 

Vander Hart’s goal is to post an episode every week, and to bring joy to those that tune in. “I hope to entertain people and make their days better,” says Vander Hart.

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