Spiritual renewal day arrives at Pella Christian

by Laurey Johnson/laujohn23@pceagles.org

Spiritual Renewal Day came to Pella Christian High School on Wednesday, February 24, with many speakers. Students had the opportunity to learn more about God and to try something they’ve never done before. 

This year, Spiritual Renewal Day lasted for one entire school day, with students rotating between speakers at scheduled times and places. The main speaker that began and ended the day was Pastor Joel Ruisch.  Breakout sessions were led by Pastor Steve Stroup, Nate Van Wyk, Christine DeCurtis, Cathy Diehl, and Amy Branderhorst. 

These speakers were chosen by the chapel planning class.

“As a chapel planning class, we have thought through a schedule that will help to keep the students engaged. We have also asked speakers that we thought will keep the kids engaged,” said sophomore Bridget Vande Zande. 

Marie Johnson, a junior, said, “I hope that the impact of this spiritual renewal day will challenge students to ask themselves about their faith. I am praying that after this day we can have thought-provoking discussions and that students can really see that Christianity isn’t just something we slap at the end of our school logo, it is a lifestyle we are called to live.” 

Jodi De Vries, the chapel planning teacher, also expressed hope for this activity. “We are looking forward to a wonderful day with the student body as we continue to grow our faith and strengthen our relationships together as a community of believers.” 

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