PC girls’ soccer season kicks off

by Kaylee Bandstra/ kayband21@pceagles

The PC girls’ soccer team has started strong with a record of 2-1. The team continues to practice and focus on team-building goals. 

Coach Mike Buchheit and Eagle Team Leaders- seniors Katherine Wielard, Elizabeth Brouwer, and Tessa Brouwer- have set a series of goals for the team to accomplish. Before each game, the team focuses on what they can do to achieve these goals:

  1. Finish the Season with a Winning Record
  2. All players to bring the same energy level in the Varsity and JV games
  3. No Goals during 1st/Last 5 minutes of each half/overtime
  4. All players show up ready to play both at practice and at games
  5. No goals allowed by the #1 scorer on the opponent’s team
  6. Academics:  All players to avoid being on the PASS list
  7. Shots On Goal:  Measure team’s improvement over three phases of the season:  Early 5 games, Middle 5 games, and Late 5 games.  Did we allow fewer “SHOTS ON GOAL.”  Note this is not measuring # of shots – just SOG.
  8. PUT UPS:  All players will provide one “put up” for a teammate they know and one “put up” for a new teammate they are getting to know.
  9. Game Day:  All players will take turns doing pre-game devotionals, snacks for post-game, and locker decorations.

Sophomore Bridget Vande Zante is looking forward to a successful season. “I am looking forward to working together as a team and getting team wins,” says Vande Zante. “Obviously, I want to win games.” Vande Zante also loves the faith-filled team bondings before each game. “I like being a part of a team that can pray together and have devotions before each game. It is very encouraging.”

The theme the team is focusing on is: RELENTLESS. “We want all players to be relentless about their faith journey, relentless about their academics/schooling, about their relationships within family, friends and team,” said Buchheit.  “Also want the girls to be relentless about getting better throughout the season and getting better at taking care of themselves so that they can care for their teammates.”


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