First ever TWIRP week held at PC

by Marijka Michmershuizen/

A new event was held April 12 – 15 at Pella Christian High: TWIRP Week – The Woman Is Required to Pay.  There were special events held all week with the girls having to man up and ask the guys if they wanted to go, and then having to pay.  

The week started off on Monday evening where Big Hero Six was shown on the football field.  On Tuesday, there was a track meet, where the girls had to buy the snacks. During flex time on Monday and Wednesday, the different classes squared off in buffball, with the girls coaching the guys in volleyball. 

On Thursday, the first ever buffball championship was held, with the Juniors taking the crown.   Also on Thursday, the girls bought their guys snacks during break time, and spike ball was played Thursday evening. 

Movie night was popular with approximately 80 students attending, and the buff ball games were well attended with both participants, coaches, and exuberant fans.  All but one of the survey recipients said that PC should do TWIRP week again next year.

According to senior Bailey Roose, she liked the spike ball event the best because, “Emily [Uitermarkt] and I dominated!”

Junior Tessa Breems said, “It was something different that we haven’t done before!”

Hopefully, TWIRP week will be a reoccurring event in future years.


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