PC hosts JSB 2021

by Kaylee Bandstra/kayband21@pceagles.org

Pella Christian junior and seniors (and their dates) were excited for the return of a “normal” Junior-Senior Banquet after last year’s COVID cancellations.  The Junior-Senior Banquet took place on Friday, April 23, and led into the early hours of April 24.

After the juniors and seniors put on their suits and dresses, the participants got the chance to take pictures with their friends and dates at Central College.

The students arrived at the high school for a wonderful Bonnie-prepared dinner followed by entertainment and a dance. “My friends and I had a great time teaching our dates how to dance,” senior Alicia Van Kooten said.

The students had so much fun that Principal Wojcynski allowed the dance to continue for an extra thirty minutes, kicking the students out at 9:50, rather than the scheduled 9:20.

Students were asked to change into more comfortable clothes and to arrive at Pella Christian Grade School for three and a half hours of fun. Students were able to play a variety of games (such as laser tag, human foosball, and ‘casino’ games) to earn tickets to either put into a raffle or to buy direct prizes from the ticket tables. “Laser tag was fun. I got to shoot the people I don’t like,” senior Kate Vos stated.

The students left the grade school at 2:30 in the morning, exhausted from their evening of fun.


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