Four speech forensics events advance to All-State

by Ben Vos

Seven events performed at the State Speech competition at Cedar Rapids Washington High School on February 4, with four advancing to All-State.

Speech forensics coach Marlo Van Peursem is very happy with the number of events that were nominated for All-State. “Last year we broke a school record with three All-State nominations. This year we broke it again with four!” he said.

The reader’s theater, one-act play, and short film Supermarket Sweethearts were all selected as non-performing events at All-State, and the the musical theater was selected as a performing event. All-State takes place at the Iowa State Center in Ames on February 18.

The musical theater “Scarlet Pimpernel” performs at City-Wide. This event was nominated for a performance at All-State.

It takes a lot of work to get to state, but it is worth the students’ effort. “Every superior score was worth all the time and early morning practices put into my choral reading,” said junior Josie Te Grotenhuis.

Events are judged on a 1-4 division rating scale with 1 being the top score and 4 being the bottom score. Each judge provides an individual score for each event. The day of competition yielded in a bounty of division 1 ratings for the PC.

The reader’s theater Fire Exit received three 1’s along with the choral reading The Lottery, the musical theater The Scarlet Pimpernel, and the short films We the Wizards and Supermarket Sweethearts. The mime Mission 217: Restoring the Nuclear Code received two 2’s and one 1.

Anyone interested in viewing the short films Supermarket Sweethearts can do so at this link:

We the Wizards is not available for public viewing at this time.

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